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Johnstown, Colorado


Natural Beef Colorado, Black Angus Beef, No hormones, No antibiotics, No steroids, Best Angus Beef on the Front Range.

Denver Steak (Teres Major)

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Denver Steak (Teres Major)

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Denver Steak (Teres Major)


This steak is a one that is not very well know but has a reputation as a white table cloth steak.  Cut from the center of the chuck it is a very tender little muscle that sits by itself. It is very similar to the Tenderloin Filet in tenderness and taste but are usually around two to three times the size. There are only two of these steaks per head of beef, which makes them rare, and require great skill to extract. They sit just below the Flat Iron in the shoulder. They go fast so don't miss out on this delicious cut!

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